Boudoir Photography in Guilford, CT

by amandarosephotography

I love doing boudoir photography! Not only do I have fun as a photographer, pushing myself to be more creative each time, but I have such a blast hanging out with the girls! This session was just that…a total blast! Anyone who’s considering doing a session should know that all a boudoir session is, is an expression of womanhood. Showing off your sexy side, your confidence, and how you absolutely rock! Most girls feel a bit of apprehension, but once we get them in the makeup chair, their inner super model just comes right out!

This session with these gorgeous ladies was, as I said, sooo much fun! We had the perfect backdrop, an amazing house in Guilford! Andrea of Makeup by DiLieto dazzled us with her flawless makeup on these girls!

Meet Diva W


Meet Diva A…yes that is snow…and yes it was only 38 degrees out…I love when my girls are willing to do anything to get the shot I envision!!!

and meet Diva H


These girls were incredible, as you can see, I had WAY too many favorites!