I Adore…Lingerie!

by amandarosephotography

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love Boudoir shoots! I love being girly and spending the day with my clients and helping them express their inner goddess! For those of you that don’t know what a Boudoir session is, it is all about celebrating being a sexy, beautiful, and strong woman. The key element to any Boudoir session, is picking perfect lingerie. What woman can ever get enough of silk, satin, and lace? I asked Caitlin, fashionista extraordinaire of Haute Eyes, to offer her professional opinion on lingerie and to guest post on this super sexy topic!

Here’s what she has to say about LINGERIE…and make sure you click on all of the colors to see her suggested pieces! I love her choices!!!

images via pintrest

When prepping for your boudoir shoot, whether its your first or fifth, its important to pay attention to detail. Posing in front of a lens with little left to the imagination can be intimidating, but with the proper direction you’ll feel at ease in no time. Before you step in front of the camera you’ll want to plan out each look that you want captured. There are endless amounts of lingerie to choose from but its important that you choose the right selections for your body type and personality. Skin tone, hair and eye color all come into play. Darker features go best with the cooler shades of the color wheel (bluesgreenspurples) and lighter features tend to go best with the warmer shades of the color wheel (pinksyellowsoranges). And the classics: redblackwhite and nude look great with all features given that the right shades are selected. 

Bright colors and feminine patterns and frills are incredibly fun to work with and are all the talk this season. But its important to be comfortable in your own skin and to have fun during the shoot. Try playing with different options – consider wearing a fun panty with your man’s favorite team’s hat on, or drape a silk robe around you, or wear a lace thong with a mens oxford shirt – be creative. Play a role, use props, tell a story, and most importantly be you.


Caitlin of Haute Eyes

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So if you love Lingerie as much as I do, it’s time to feel sexy! Take Caitlin’s advise on lingerie fashion and book a Boudoir session with moi 😉